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"If his by-play with the crowd affected the way he played, I'd be worried, but it spurred him on," Australian captain Ricky Ponting said.
The pair were involved in some entertaining by-play during the final session on day three of the Boxing Day Test at the MCG with the standout incident coming when Aamer rocketed a bouncer into Watson's shoulder in the 12th over of the day's play.
In the works of thoughtful authors, the claims made on behalf of "law and order" also became more doubtful than than before; already, Hammett (The Glass Key) and Chandler, while spinning yarns with lots of entertaining by-play, indicated that the broader social order itself didn't smell quite right.
x1: (who hasn't noticed this by-play as he has been solemnly regarding the floor): Could you like me?
the by-play about washing his feet and his resemblance to Odysseus
The book could have been improved if it had included more about the ebb and flow of the season and its premier games; the history of franchises and why, for example, the preseason favorite Chicago Pirates did not succeed; the qualities of play; and the specific by-play between player-managers and "backers," or financiers, who provided operating capital.
Still, the comic by-play and lighthearted treatment of real reservation deprivations interfere with the message only to a degree.
Especially prominent within the group was young Mamillius (played very effectively by the diminutive actress Liana Weaker), strutting about in a striking red costume that contrasted vividly with the more muted colors of his elders' attire and, as the darling of the court, engaging in innocent by-play with his adult companions.
The verbal by-play between the two emcees aimed at this, and drew, not full-throated laughter, but the sort of repeated and uneasy mass giggles that are usually provoked by in- jokes, understood only by the theatrical part of the audience and bypassing the rest.
OVER the weekend, as a by-play to losing great chunks of money at Newmarket, I ate and drank and was served by really pleasant, mostly young and thoroughly helpful staff who believed I was in the Champions Gallery for gastronomic, rather than socio-economic, reasons.
The new slimline, focused Montgomerie clearly heard the jibe but was far too busy to indulge in any concentrationbusting by-play.
The characters in The Moon Is Down are developed as lifelike--Annie's throwing water on the soldiers, Joseph's fastidiousness, the marital by-play between the mayor and his wife, the tear and loneliness of the soldiers--but generally lifelike, not specifically so, exactly as Steinbeck intended.