c. frutescens

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bird pepper

bird pepper

One of the hottest peppers in the world. They are quite small, only about an inch long, hollow with only a few seeds. The leaves however can be up to 5 inches long. 5-petal flowers- white, yellow-green or lavender. Leaves and fruit both edible. Great for fighting bad bacteria and infections, increase circulation, good for heart.
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baccatum needed to kill a predefined proportion of ant individuals was significant lower than that of C. frutescens (Table 2).
In C. frutescens the antifungal activity was increased proportionally to the concentration, while for C.
This particular chemical composition is reflected in the bioactivity, while Cbaccatum was 2.2 times more toxic than C. frutescens in the assays against A.
chinense and C. frutescens. In our investigation, the fact that no isoenzymatic differentiation is observed between species of this complex possibly may be due to the fact that the materials for this study come from the Colombian Amazon, an area considered one of the possible centers of origin for the wild complex Capsicum annuum-chinense-frutescens.
annuum and accession number 253, determined as C. frutescens. Sample number 250 did not show any peroxidase activity, but did not group with the materials in group 3.
chinense or C. frutescens was re-identified using the following characteristics based on the scientific literature, field observations, and previously published keys.
chinense and C. frutescens with a bootstrap value of 91%.