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(1) Fueled by such enabling technologies as 3G broadband capability, eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Compact HTML (CHTML), Wireless Markup Language (WML), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) and Internet ready mobile terminals, e-commerce is now poised to take advantage of the current growth of mobile devices.
BREW will also support integration of Java applications (provided a Java VM is available on the device) and browsers (WAP, cHTML).
The NetFront browser is optimised for resource-restricted environments yet delivers a full Internet browsing experience with a feature-set that includes support for HTML 4.01, OMA Browsing 2.2, WML, and cHTML as well as programming languages for digital television services including BML (Broadcast Markup Language).
Content formats like XHTML, CHTML or WML as well as pictures in JPEG or GIF format provide a rich, colorful user experience.
It should be noted that i-mode is a proprietary service, and it uses a proprietary programming language called compact HTML, or cHTML. i-mode may have difficulty succeeding in the U.S., where the market is generally unfavorable to proprietary technologies.
Since the Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0 supports standard HTML and compact HTML (cHTML), content providers can also easily leverage their current Internet content to develop new, optimized services for wireless phones.