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(kəbăl`), inner group of advisers to Charles II of England. Their initials form the word (which is, however, of older origin)—Clifford of ChudleighClifford of Chudleigh, Thomas Clifford, 1st Baron
, 1630–73, English statesman. Member (1667–73) of the Cabal at Charles II's court, he held a number of offices, rising to acting secretary of state and lord
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, Ashley (Lord ShaftesburyShaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st earl of,
1621–83, English statesman. In the English civil war he supported the crown until 1644 but then joined the parliamentarians.
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), BuckinghamBuckingham, George Villiers, 2d duke of,
1628–87, English courtier; son of the 1st duke. Brought up with the royal family and educated at Cambridge, he was a strong royalist in the English civil war.
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 (George Villiers), ArlingtonArlington, Henry Bennet, 1st earl of,
1618–85, English statesman. He fought for the royalists in the English civil war and, after going into exile, served as an envoy in Spain for the future Charles II.
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 (Henry Bennet), and LauderdaleLauderdale, John Maitland, duke of
, 1616–82, Scottish statesman. He entered public life as a staunch Presbyterian and was one of the commissioners who signed the Solemn League and Covenant (1643; see English civil war).
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 (John Maitland). Although they were never a working ministry, one or more of this group dominated court policy from 1667 through 1673.


See study by M. Lee (1965).


1. a small group of intriguers, esp one formed for political purposes
2. a secret plot, esp a political one; conspiracy; intrigue
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The APC is so dysfunctional that under the grip of the Presidency cabal, the party in contravention of its own constitution does not have a Board of Trustees (BOT), which explains the reason it lacks conscience and failed completely in delivering good governance to the nation.
The decent Labour longstanding supporters have only one way of getting rid of this cabal in their leadership.
Estas cualidades fueron validadas por el Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo, por medio de la resolucion 0347del 27 de febrero de 2007, en la cual se identifican los principales sitios de interes turisticos del pais, donde se incluye a Santa Rosa de Cabal (unico municipio seleccionado en el departamento de Risaralda), junto con otros 30 municipios del pais.
The incumbent cabal too has to pull something similar out of the bag to give a stab to the adventurism of both Imran and Qadri.
The judicial cabal ( real name collegium) has followed a pattern of trad
The warmongering cabal knows and expects this, which explains the daily attacks on Barack (Hussein) Obama, and on every policy and stance he adopts.
In fact, it would be fair to say said Imran that the energy crisis has been used by the ruling cabal led by the most notorious President in our history to enrich itself.
There are some dark mutterings that he was undermined by an influential cabal of players at the club, a cabal that Hughes (left) has inherited.
Summary: Daniel Nestor of Canada and Max Mirnyi of Belarus won their first Grand Slam title together by defeating Eduardo Schwank of Argentina and Juan Sebastian Cabal of Colombia 7-6 (3), 3-6, 6-4 Saturday in the French Open final.
PARIS: Max Mirnyi of Belarus and Canadian Daniel Nestor beat surprise south American pairing Eduardo Schwank and Colombian Juan Sebastian Cabal 7-6 3-6 6-4 to win the French Open doubles title on Saturday.
The stronghold of the cabal on Yar'Adua's presidency soon began to manifest itself.
Brazilian state-run bank Caixa Economica Federal is currently negotiating with Argentina credit-card company Cabal for buying a stake in the credit card issuer, according to daily O Estado de S.