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1.An open or tent-like structure at a swimming pool or at the shore.
2. Originally, a simple Spanish dwelling resembling a hut or cabin.
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Cabana added, multiple meta-analyses support a shorter course of diarrhea.
From minimalistic parasols to classic pavilions, colourful outdoor lounges and exotic cabanas, these shade products, formerly known simply as 'umbrellas' have now been described as 'shade architecture'.
However, Cabana is different from Tumblr because it allows you to interact specifically with friends, instead of strangers responding to your posts.
Separately, COO and VP of Taco Cabana Todd Coerver resigned, effective as of 20 October 2016 and the company named Mark Phillips as interim COO of Taco Cabana.
Interior designer Jan Bullard recently redid a 250-square-foot cabana for one of those fortunate families, a single father who purchased a cabana so he could enjoy down time with his pre-teen daughters.
The Cure: The Cure package includes a house beverage on arrival, access to a private cabana, a 30 minute in-cabana massage and a no-nonsense poolside lunch of pizza or a burger.
THE SCENE There are two huge swimming pools that are edged with sandy beaches, cabanas and even a lazy river.
Modern Cabana, set up in 2004, is a private, family-owned business based in San Francisco, California.
Farooqui's cabana, Wonderland Revisited, drew inspiration from her favourite childhood movies Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz, while Hamad named her cabana, Lola, after the dancer in the famous 1978 Copacabana song of the same name.
The all new BLUE range of Cabana sunglasses is targeted at the consumers who are vibrant and would like to flaunt the latest international trends.
Los Chamberlain llamaban carinosamente a su cabana, "casa de zapatos", por la pequena dimension de su programa, que se componia de un estar comedor en el que se podia alojar un invitado y una libreria para guardar de 500 a 1000 libros, una habitacion y un pequeno espacio para guardar una canoa.
As an alternative to the traditional brunch, Outback Fridays at Cabana is the right place to socialize and unwind over a great selection of food and beverage, spectacular views and lively entertainment.