cabinet lock

spring bolt, cabinet lock

A bolt having a beveled face; retracts when subject to pressure and springs back when the pressure is released; is self-acting when the door or drawer is closed.
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A report published on August 25 reveals staff were unable to give out medication as planned when the medicine cabinet lock broke.
According to Garrison: "Michelle developed designs for a child-proof cabinet lock that adults could open more easily.
Committing a minute to safety can be as quick and easy as testing your smoke alarm, taking pillows out of the crib or simply using a cabinet lock. Imagine if every mom committed just one minute to safety every day?
In these cases no longer is the passive key-operated or even code operated cabinet lock adequate.
The 2200 cabinet lock with indicator is a surface mount brass cylinder lock featuring a locked/unlocked indicator and allows for changes in cylinder position for the drawer or right hand cabinet use.
A cabinet lock prevents unauthorized access to cables, connectors, and circuit boards.
Another problem can arise when people leave the keys hanging in the cabinet lock.
Isleworth, United Kingdom, December 07, 2017 --( The new ESS5DB is a stainless steel IP65 quarter-turn cabinet lock for specialist industrial use where its rugged construction, coupled with a high degree of protection from dust and water ingress, make it a practical option.
Keep prescription and over-the-counter medicines, as well as potentially harmful household products, out of reach of children through cabinet locks and other preventative measures.
"We got magnetic, childproof cabinet locks that are invisible from the outside."