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The new cabinet saw their first official meeting after the new formation on 30 September.
The cabinet saw entry of separatist turned politician Sajjad Gani Lone being sworn-in as the cabinet minister from the BJP quota.
While some ministers from the previous government of Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed kept their portfolios, the new cabinet saw several new faces, including those responsible for the security file.
But after initially putting forward three models for how services could be run, the final report to be presented to Cabinet saw a fourth option outlined which recommends the creation of Community Family Hubs which incorporate Sure Start Children's centres and involve intensive support to families.
Apart from Taha, the new cabinet saw the departure of the veteran Oil minister Awad Al-Jaz who was replaced by the head of Sudan's Railway Commission Makawi Awad.
The president said Letta's cabinet saw light despite difficulties.
Rising stars outside the Cabinet saw even bigger falls.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Cabinet saw a reshuffle Wednesday as newly appointed ministers were handed over their portfolios, while some existing ministers were re-assigned new ministries, Dawn News reported.
Bulgaria's Cabinet saw Wednesday a reshuffle of key figures, which, while not completely unexpected because of various rumors running for months, came as a bid of a surprise.
The very first decision of the coalition Cabinet saw Enda's pay cut by 6.
75-hp Professional Cabinet Saw features the same heavy duty, cast-iron table, steel cabinet and cast trunnion found on the 3.
He said the Palestinian government fully backed any decision the Lebanese Cabinet saw appropriate regarding weapons inside and outside Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.