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Consider how the input feed cable routes through the rack and cable bend radius.
cable bend radius and strain relief to ensure a compliant and well-organised
The built-in TIA/EIA 568-A minimum 1" cable bend radius, exclusive to Panduit, maximizes network cabling performance.
Other features include a 360 [degrees] swivel mount that allows for easy cable orientation and minimises the restrictions of cable bend radius; hermetically sealed stainless steel sensor housing with optional PTFE jacketed cables to eliminate the restrictions of lower cost polyurethane cables in the presence of acid fumes; and case isolation to prevent ground loops.
The management systems maintain the proper cable bend radius for CAT 5e, 6 and 6A cables, are available in single-sided or double-sided, horizontal or vertical, and are EIA compliant.
As fiber counts and density continue to increase, vertical and horizontal cable-management space at the termination and distribution locations is at a premium, with the increasing challenge of maintaining minimum cable bend radius.