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cabling, cable molding

cabling, 1
1.An ornament formed like a cable, showing twisted strands.
2. The convex filling of the lower part of the flutes of classical columns. Also see rope molding, reeding.
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However, the higher current level poses new challenges for data cabling.
ANSI/ TIA-568, a family of telecom standards, meets requirements for twisted pair, optical fiber and coaxial cabling for establishing performance and technical criteria for cabling systems to access and connect parts.
The standard committees all agree that AXT is the single most significant performance barrier for the transmission of 10GBASE-T over copper cabling.
In addition, as new generations of LAN cabling systems are installed, the unacceptable practice of leaving the old cables abandoned in place has forced code officials and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to look at the fire safety level of LAN cables and other low-voltage cables.
"ADC's breakthrough design is the latest enhancement to the most advanced structured cabling system in the world."
You might also find out that the cabling penetrations of the various firewalls have not been properly fire stopped.
This article covers the indicators of poorly constructed SCSI cabling and defines how to specify cabling to assure correct assembly.
Cadyce's end-to-end structured cabling solutions are professionally certified and affordable.
Idriss explained that cable industry in Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a major expansion to meet the growing demand for the implementation of major projects, and national companies currently have the capacity to meet about 90% of the Kingdom's overall requirement for cabling.
Choose Cabling Plus as your #1 source for professional grade CCTV cables.
ADC has introduced the TrueNet Structured Cabling System, the integrated portfolio of industry-leading enterprise network solutions from ADC and recently acquired KRONE.