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shipping between ports within a country. Two types may be distinguished: long sea trade, the transport of freight and passengers between ports on different seas, and short sea trade, transport between ports on the same sea. For purposes of cabotage, the following bodies of water in the USSR are considered as single seas: the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov; the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean; and the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Bering Sea. In the USSR, cabotage is conducted exclusively by ships bearing the flag of the USSR.

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In commercial aviation, the freedom of an air-transport operator to pick up passengers and freight in any country for hire or reward within the border of a given nation. Hence, cabotage rights.
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On the first issue, the court, presided by Justice Babs Keuwumi, ruled that drilling operations fell within the ambit of exploration, exploitation, or transportation of the mineral or non-living natural resources of Nigeria, whether in or under Nigerian waters, as provided under the definition of coastal trade in the Cabotage Act.
He will be dealing with bankers, shipbuilders, insurers and other stakeholders.UNEMPLOYED YOUTH The question of cabotage is a complicated one since the East African Community Customs Management Act 2004/2009/2011 (as amended) is interpreted differently by Kenya and Tanzania, leaving foreign ship owners baffled.
'Something like abolishing the cabotage policy will have a bigger impact as it means all our goods need not go through Port Klang.
Otherwise, the relaxed Cabotage Law will only worsen the current situation where an assortment of commodities illegally enter the archipelago's porous maritime borders.
As for amendments to the Cabotage Law or the Foreign Ships Co-Loading Act, Aquino said the changes will result in lower shipping costs for export as well as import shipments because foreign vessels can now carry imported cargoes to any Philippine port.
Domingo urged an examination of issues surrounding liberalization of the maritime sector, not just the cabotage law but also those on the state of port infrastructure and on concerns in the supply chain.
The combination of higher exploration activity and the strict implementation of cabotage in 2013 led to strong growth in all areas of our business, and margin expansion.
The European Shippers Council, which backs the liberalisation of haulage, sees the extension of cabotage rights as good for commerce and the environment by maximising use of rigs on the road.
As cabotage agreements usually work, Iran Air would sell tickets for its routes, but Qatar Airways would fly some of those routes with its own aircraft.
He continued saying that based on the cabotage law, the Qataris can also fly in Iran, but under an Iranian company.