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largest of the toothed whales, Physeter catodon, found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is also called cachalot. Male sperm whales may grow to more than 70 ft (21 m) long and females to 30 ft (9 m).
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At 26, Peter Hinton was the youngest First Lieutenant (second-in-command) of a submarine in Britain's Royal Navy, serving in HMS Cachalot, one of the new `Porpoise' class.
These recorded observations of attacks make it quite probable that in pursuing similar goals, Chumash fishermen and Frank Bullen, 'fore-the-mast man of the Cachalot observed a phenomenon which occurs indeed, but only rarely in the full sight of man.
Originally six canoes were to take part but one of them, the Cachalot, was damaged as it was launched.
But as perhaps fifty of these whale-bone whales are harpooned for one cachalot, some philosophers of the forecastle have concluded that this positive havoc has already very seriously diminished their battalions.