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1. an official seal on a document, letter, etc.
2. Philately
a. a mark stamped by hand on mail for commemorative purposes
b. a small mark made by dealers and experts on the back of postage stamps
3. a hollow wafer, formerly used for enclosing an unpleasant-tasting medicine



a capsule for taking medicinal powders that have an unpleasant taste. Cachets are made in factories from dough obtained by mixing starch and starch paste.

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Historical review and tentative listing of cachets, hand stamp markings, wax seals, wafer seals and manuscript certifications alphabetically arranged according to countries.
Adjoining the museum is a turn-of-the-century general store where you can purchase first day covers with cachets by Fleetwood, the company that runs the museum.
This report was created for strategic planners, international executives and import/export managers who are concerned with the market for bread, baked goods, pastry, cakes, biscuits, communion wafers, empty cachets for pharmaceutical use, sealing wafers, and rice paper.
Les suspects ont ete places en garde a vue et le montant du butin de l'une des operations de falsification (32,7 mille dinars) a ete saisi ainsi qu'un certain nombre de cachets municipaux, precise le communique.
La perquisition de son domicile a Bab Ezzouar a permis la saisie d'un lot important de faux papiers et de documents officiels dont une fausse carte professionnelle d'un cadre du gouvernement, des dossiers de demandes de logement et de postes de travail et des cachets administratifs.
Des livrets de famille, des cartes d'identite, des permis de conduire, dont des etrangers, des passeports algeriens et tunisiens, des ordonnances vierges et des cachets de la police des frontieres ont ete saisis.
com)-- Cachet Financial Services, a subsidiary of FGB Holdings, celebrated a recent jump in ranking to Google's first page of results in the wake of a recent court case in which Cachet successfully defended its trademark against the defendant, the company formerly Cachet Financial Solutions.