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History (in England and in France before 1789) a gentleman, usually a younger son, who entered the army to prepare for a commission
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Kasatsky himself strongly desired it, not from ambition only but chiefly because since his cadet days he had been passionately devoted to Nicholas Pavlovich.
When on leaving College the cadets were received by the Emperor, he did not again refer to Kasatsky's offence, but told them all, as was his custom, that they should serve him and the fatherland loyally, that he would always be their best friend, and that when necessary they might approach him direct.
My dear sir, you ought to know that every elder brother looks upon the cadets of the house as his natural enemies, who deprive him of so much ready money which ought to be his by right.
The Cadets paraded in a style calculated to kill the late member with envy.
Why, I thought the king was dead, I thought you were in Gaul and couldn't get home, I thought there was a revolution; in the fantastic frenzy of these dreams, I thought that Clarence and I and a hand- ful of my cadets fought and exterminated the whole chivalry of England!
The new governor appears to have taken no active part in the war that was going on; although, at one period, he talked of marching against the enemy at the head of his company of cadets. But, on the whole, he probably concluded that it was more befitting a governor to remain quietly in our chair, reading the newspapers and official documents."
The term of study at this institution, which the State requires from all cadets, is four years; but, whether it be from the rigid nature of the discipline, or the national impatience of restraint, or both causes combined, not more than half the number who begin their studies here, ever remain to finish them.
The number of cadets being about equal to that of the members of Congress, one is sent here from every Congressional district: its member influencing the selection.
During the week the cadets also received a well-deserved special delivery in the form of the BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) ice cream van which is currently travelling around the UK supporting troops and cadet forces.
Both officers, who have their foster families in Baguio since their cadet years, which they keep until now, underscoring the program's importance to the life of a PMA cadet.
"Cadets leading cadets is really what this program is about, and having the ability to tell the story of the Cadet Program from our own point of view is what makes this so special," says P01 Jack Wong from RCSCC Captain Vancouver in Vancouver, B.C.