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History (in England and in France before 1789) a gentleman, usually a younger son, who entered the army to prepare for a commission


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[Sammet 1969, p. 683].
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The spokeswoman said of 524 females applying for Cadetships, 20 were successful while of the 1,032 women who applied for General Service Recruitment competitions last year, 52 females have been inducted but this process is still ongoing.
Logistics specialist AV Dawson, which is heavily involved in the cadetship, said this would only happen if there was greater awareness of what the industry had to offer.
During his cadetship he has given many hours of volunteering to the local community and has completed Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards.
Felipe was taking his one-year on-board cadetship training under Fil-Star Maritime Corp.
However, there is a larger percentage that seeks only the name that comes with this place and believe they can simply quit when the going gets tough (and they were right, there was nothing that upperclassmen could do without putting their cadetship in danger), they are a disgrace.
Connor Jones, 18, from Llangain, Carmarthenshire, has just completed the first six-month phase of the much-in-demand superyacht cadetship course run by sail training charity UKSA (formerly known as the UK Sailing Academy).
Dog guide training cadetships are currently delivered in-house by individual agencies, but there is new interest in standardizing and externally accrediting these cadetship programs (P.
From 1938, the two years of this cadetship, which had previously counted as full, would only count as half the necessary qualifying component.
A year at college in Cork followed for the 17-yearold Coleman, but while his mother favoured a 'safe' job like banking or insurance, Coleman instead applied for a cadetship in the army in 1952.
Inglis was turned down for a cadetship at the Age when he was 16, but won a scholarship to Melbourne University.
13) Most significantly, despite growing up separately, she maintained a close and continuing relationship with her elder brother, who remained in Ireland until the age of 24 when he obtained a cadetship with the East India Company in Bengal.