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a commerical establishment where meals can be bought and eaten. In the 16th cent. English inns and taverns began to serve one meal a day at a fixed time and price, at a common table, and usually distinguished by a special dish.
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What does it mean when you dream about a cafeteria?

Food in varieties and in abundance such as in a cafeteria or an “all one can eat” environment may suggest ideas that need to be digested. The statement “food for thought” may be a meaningful way of understanding this dream. Too much may mean one is fed up with a condition or relationship. If fear surrounds the selection of food, the dream may be indicating the basic fight or flight response to something threatening to eat you, or that a lot has been “eating at” the dreamer lately.

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Sardar Ayaz Sadiq mentioned cafeteria administration that he has also discussed this issue with chairman senate because Senator Raza Rabbani has also complained about standard of food.
This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the cafeteria accessories industry.
After closing our cafeteria, five of us were sitting outside taking rest after the long working hours," Dawood, a cafeteria employee, said, adding, "Mohammed, one of our friends, got a call from a friend who is working at a nearby play centre saying he had seen three masked men moving around the petrol pump office.
A cafeteria plan for benefits works in much the same way.
Mubarak Ali Al Shamsi, Director of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, told Gulf News: "The mother of the Emirati children lodged a complaint with the municipality against the cafeteria, reporting that her three daughters had food poisoning after eating a meal in the cafeteria, The complaint was referred to the Public Health and Environment at the municipality for further investigations.
According to the cafeteria workers, they received no
It's bright and clean and new and modern, and the cafeteria personnel love all the additional space, and it's much more efficient and much more safe," Principal Randall Jolin said before the ceremony.
This tension in the cafeteria Catholic comes to the fore when he is confronted with teachings that are particularly uncomfortable and conflicting with his opinions and even his lifestyle.
Children are brought to the basement cafeteria by their teachers.
PRACHI SHARMA organized a "Veggie Day" in her high school, and for weeks in advance, she worked with the school cafeteria staff to put together a veggie menu so all students would have the option of being vegetarian that day.
Employees who participate in cafeteria plans, through a salary reduction plan.
At least seven people were killed and about 90 were injured, some seriously, in a bomb attack Wednesday at a cafeteria in Jerusalem's Hebrew University, local news media reported.