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cairn terrier,

breed of small working terrierterrier,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs originally bred to start small game and vermin from their burrows or, in the case of several breeds in this group, to go to earth and kill their prey. Today these dogs are raised chiefly as pets.
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 developed on the Isle of Skye in the 19th cent. It stands about 10 in. (25 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs about 14 lb (6.4 kg). The weather-resistant double coat consists of a soft, furry underlayer and a profuse, hard outercoat about 2 in. (5 cm) long. It may be any color except white, often with dark ears, muzzle, and tip of tail. Originally bred to rout fur-bearing vermin from the rocky crags and cliffs of its native island, the cairn was also bred as a water dog to hunt otters. At an early stage in its history it was accepted into the household as a companion and watchdog, the roles for which it is principally raised today. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal, fox, and tanuki also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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The genetic basis for PSSs is unknown, although affected lines have been recognized in miniature Schnauzers, Irish Wolfhound, Old English Sheepdog and Cairn Terriers (FAVERZANI et al., 2003).
VMD, Ph.D., here with her Cairn Terrier, Denver, provided the answer on this page.
My dog is called Jock, mainly because he is a Cairn Terrier which is a Scottish type of dog.
was impressed by a cairn terrier for charity, Gordon setters that blood and a springer spaniel that its owner with depression.
All I want for Christmas is a chew - Maria Cairn Terrier | 6.
| Cairn Terrier Club championship show, Cochrane Hall, Alva, 11am.
Three years later her cairn terrier was diagnosed with the same complaint.
The programme follows Layla the springer spaniel, Nash the cairn terrier and Great Dane Thor as they bark and growl their way through their daily lives, and finds out how understanding canine body language could prevent attacks.
Heather the Cairn Terrier still needs a loving home.
Trost, a special education teacher in Millbury, didn't attend the June hearing because she had taken Roxie to Georgia, where her husband, David, lives, on May 29, the day after it mauled a 13-pound cairn terrier.
"It is a fantastic event for all the family," said Belinda, who has a Cairn Terrier called Woolly and a Jack Russell, Teilo.