cairn terrier

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cairn terrier,

breed of small working terrierterrier,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs originally bred to start small game and vermin from their burrows or, in the case of several breeds in this group, to go to earth and kill their prey. Today these dogs are raised chiefly as pets.
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 developed on the Isle of Skye in the 19th cent. It stands about 10 in. (25 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs about 14 lb (6.4 kg). The weather-resistant double coat consists of a soft, furry underlayer and a profuse, hard outercoat about 2 in. (5 cm) long. It may be any color except white, often with dark ears, muzzle, and tip of tail. Originally bred to rout fur-bearing vermin from the rocky crags and cliffs of its native island, the cairn was also bred as a water dog to hunt otters. At an early stage in its history it was accepted into the household as a companion and watchdog, the roles for which it is principally raised today. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal and fox also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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com)-- Totally Toto Tuesday, a Facebook campaign created to help rescue Cairn terriers from animal shelters across the country and promote Summertime Entertainment's upcoming 3D animated feature film Dorothy of Oz, has been nominated for “The Earnies,” PR Newswire's community-chosen awards program that honors excellence in earned media through social-media channels.
MEAL TIME BEGGAR: Gareth with his Cairn terrier Jock Picture by ANGIE WEALL
As he pours himself a mug of builder's tea - milk, one sugar - his beloved Cairn terrier Olga weaves between his legs wagging her tail.
We also have a little Cairn Terrier called Suzie and she'll try to take charge of these two but she'll have her work cut out.
That doesn't mean that larger dogs, like German Shepherds, don't get it and it's been suggested that there's a genetic factor in the Cairn Terrier, Samoyed and Miniature Pinscher amongst others.
Mean spinster Almira Gulch (played to the hilt by Missy King who does NOT play the Oz villain "Wicked Witch of the West" but is a scene stealer on her adult-size tricycle) is bitten by Dorothy's pet cairn terrier, Toto (played by 10-month-old cairn terrier pup Paige, another scene stealer).
Heather the Cairn Terrier still needs a loving home.
As a young princess, she was given her first dog, a Cairn terrier, at the age of three by her uncle, the Prince of Wales.
Some of the most common dog breeds affected are Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, and Pug.
In question order, the breeds of the celebrity dogs are as follows: i) skye terrier, ii) bull terrier, iii) bulldog/golden retriever, iv) Neopolitan mastiff, v) cartoon beagle, vi) collie, & vii) cairn terrier.
Q I HAVE a six-yearold Cairn Terrier who seems to want food all the time.
Toto was a Cairn terrier named Terry, taken to the studio by animal-trainer Carl Spitz just in time to edge out the other hopefuls and become an immortal pooch.