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1. a tropical American evergreen tree, Crescentia cujete, that produces large round gourds: family Bignoniaceae
2. another name for the bottle gourd
3. the gourd of either of these plants
4. the dried hollow shell of a gourd used as the bowl of a tobacco pipe, a bottle, rattle, etc.
5. calabash nutmeg a tropical African shrub, Monodora myristica, whose oily aromatic seeds can be used as nutmegs: family Annonaceae



a vessel made from the fruit of the calabash treeor from gourds. The calabash, intended primarily to store bever-ages, has been used in Africa, South America, and New Guineasince ancient times. Calabashes are often decorated with plant orgeometric designs done by burning, incising, or painting inbright natural colors.

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Carved from a calabash gourd, the cat was decorated with patterns burned into its surface.
One thing led to another and here we are with Calabash Cove all set to return.
warned the 52-year-old in traditional African garb, who stood a smaller male calabash fetish by her side "to calm her down a little.
Group 1 served as the control and the animals received distilled water, while Groups 2 and 3 were treated by oral gavage with 40 mg/kg of non-salted (NSCC) and salted calabash chalk (SCC), respectively, for 14 days.
Their opening game against Mexico will take place in front of 90,000 people, and millions worldwide, in the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg, which resembles a calabash or African pot.
The remedy also may be called calabash chalk, calabar stone, la craie, argile, or mabele.
equatorial, despotic whether you do , whether you don't, dead in fact, if you do , if you don't , suppose for the moment, which is all it takes, an envelope is passed from one supreme calabash to the next, in a musical rendition now showing its teeth like the piano swallowed by seawater, actually seawater is pouring from the tap, it's as if the day's events have caught up with us, the planet involved with its own laughter like sodium feldspar in granite.
Nzu, a traditional remedy for morning sickness, is sold at African specialty stores and is also called Calabash clay, Calabar stone, Mabele, Argile, and La Craie.
and Lisa Ahearn of Worcester MA; a son, Robert Hoaglund and his wife Tracy of Concord MA; a brother, Bruce Bowden of Calabash, NC; 5 grandchildren: Robbie, Amy and Nathan Hoaglund and Julia and Anne Meiliu Schmidt Hoaglund; a nephew, several nieces and many family members.
It should be noted here that Thomas Glave confronted the Jamaican government for the homophobic remarks pronounced by Prime Minister Bruce Golding during the Calabash Literary Festival of 2008 held in the Caribbean island.
Now, planning your own spectacular dream wedding in this idyllic location is possible Eoe1/4" at Calabash Cove, St.
We grow peanuts, corn, tomatoes, onions, and calabash (a vegetable--that, when dried, can be used to hold water like a bottle).