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1. a tropical American evergreen tree, Crescentia cujete, that produces large round gourds: family Bignoniaceae
2. another name for the bottle gourd
3. the gourd of either of these plants
4. the dried hollow shell of a gourd used as the bowl of a tobacco pipe, a bottle, rattle, etc.
5. calabash nutmeg a tropical African shrub, Monodora myristica, whose oily aromatic seeds can be used as nutmegs: family Annonaceae
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a vessel made from the fruit of the calabash treeor from gourds. The calabash, intended primarily to store bever-ages, has been used in Africa, South America, and New Guineasince ancient times. Calabashes are often decorated with plant orgeometric designs done by burning, incising, or painting inbright natural colors.

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That is how one will find one painting in his Hillpark show featuring elders seated around a large calabash sipping an indigenous honey beer known as muratina.
Johannesburg's 'Calabash', seats an impressive 94,000 spectators, while in Cape Town, nestled in the shade of Table Mountain sits the equally impressive Green Point Stadium, which can accommodate up to 65,000 fans.
4 In which city is the FNB Stadium, (above) commonly known as "The Calabash"?
A fisherman at Calabash Bay on Jamaica's south coast swam out to bring her and Jake to shore.
Dubai: The journey has been painful,long and uneventful, but Erwan Charpy's almost forgotten racehorse Calabash Cove is set to make a remarkable return to action four years and eight months since he last visited a racecourse.
Editor Ahuja is a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry; he's an analytical chemist based in Calabash, North Carolina and is affiliated with Pace University.
Calabash, NC, August 23, 2013 --( Michael Jensen, The Chairman of the global economics research website, Social Science Research Network (SSRN), announced today that an article on crowdfunding by Thomas Vass, a regional economist and investment advisor located in Calabash, North Carolina, was ranked in the global top ten for downloads on the SSRN Entrepreneurs Channel.
The firm claimed that Apple sold over 110 of its movies, including 'Calabash Brothers' and 'Black Cat Detective,' in the iTunes store without asking it, CNET reports.
Researchers have been trying for years to verify a claim imprinted on an ornately decorated calabash that it contains a sample of the blood of the French king guillotined in Paris on January 21, 1793.
In addition to her husband, she is survived by two sons, James R.Courtemanche and his wife Deborah of Calabash, NC, and Robert A.
Calabash in the October issue ["A Nose for the Limelight," 78 RPM], my family had a different version of the story from my uncle, Phil Cohan, who produced The Durante-Moore Show.
slaveships be split calabash the serrated & silenced edge be blue