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1. a tropical American evergreen tree, Crescentia cujete, that produces large round gourds: family Bignoniaceae
2. another name for the bottle gourd
3. the gourd of either of these plants
4. the dried hollow shell of a gourd used as the bowl of a tobacco pipe, a bottle, rattle, etc.
5. calabash nutmeg a tropical African shrub, Monodora myristica, whose oily aromatic seeds can be used as nutmegs: family Annonaceae



a vessel made from the fruit of the calabash treeor from gourds. The calabash, intended primarily to store bever-ages, has been used in Africa, South America, and New Guineasince ancient times. Calabashes are often decorated with plant orgeometric designs done by burning, incising, or painting inbright natural colors.

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I am performing at Calabash because I like beautiful things," says Couch.
Calabash was chosen by an independent committee that evaluated submissions based on need and planned use of the donated equipment.
In a district where average test scores hovered in the bottom third nationally, schools like Calabash, Sherman Oaks CES and Van Gogh stand out like beacons of light.
And among elementary schools, top honors went to Calabash, Carpenter, Pomelo and Woodland Hills, scoring from the 69th percentile in language to the 80th percentile in math.
After the Calabash kids performed, the Granada Hills High School Highlander Band, the Lawrence Middle School Band, the El Camino Real High School Camerata Choral Group and the CSUN Youth Orchestra were slated to take the stage.
Research shows that 56% of Americans have not taken a vacation in the last year," commented Konrad Wagner, Managing Director of Calabash Cove Resort & Spa, "We want to encourage all those hard-working people to enjoy life now.
Carved from a calabash gourd, the cat was decorated with patterns burned into its surface.
One thing led to another and here we are with Calabash Cove all set to return.
Researchers have been trying for years to verify a claim imprinted on an ornately decorated calabash that it contains a sample of the blood of the French king guillotined in Paris on January 21, 1793.
By the entrance to the show stands a voodoo talisman meant to ward off evil spirits - a colorful female statue with a calabash at its center, and covered with grasses, fabric, palm oil and scraps of animal horn.
CALABASH A Spanish person B Gourd used as a vessel C Low-wheeled carriage with a folding top.
The textures of Osakwe's collections use tediously detailed, age-old methods, like hand-stitched calabash pieces or a beautiful motif called the "Sun-bebe" that's hand-painted by the queen of the local Ogidi village.