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1. a pink powder consisting of zinc oxide and ferric oxide, (iron(III) oxide), used medicinally in the form of soothing lotions or ointments
2. US another name for smithsonite, hemimorphite
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hemimorphite, a mineral from the group of zinc hydrosilicates; chemical composition, Zn4[Si2O7] [OH]2 ⋅ H2. Contains 67.5 percent ZnO.

Calamine crystallizes in the rhombic system. The crystals are usually small and found only in vacancies. Calamine is found most frequently in the form of crystalline crusts with a radiate-fibrous structure and in nodular and stalactite masses. The color is white, yellow, or greenish blue (from admixtures of iron and copper compounds). Hardness on the mineralogical scale, 4-5; density, 3, 400-3, 500 kg per cu m. The crystals show pyroelectric properties when heated. Calamine forms in the oxidation zone of lead and zinc deposits. Rich accumulations have been found in the USSR (eastern Transbaikal and central Kazakhstan) andabroad (Upper Silesia in Poland). It is used as an ore for obtain-ing zinc.

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An alloy composed of zinc, lead, and tin.
A powder mixture of zinc oxide and ferric oxide, used in skin lotions and ointments.
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The contaminated medicines included cough syrup, antihistamine tablets, calamine lotion and rash ointment.
Although many consumers still treat poison ivy with calamine lotion and other general-purpose anti-itch products, there is a new wave of items specifically formulated to treat poison ivy that are much more effective.
It can be controlled by taking tepid showers and dabbing affected areas with calamine lotion.
They include calamine lotion, anti-histamine creams and oatmeal-based lotions.
If the skin itches, ask an adult to apply calamine lotion.
If you see something you like, try it." For performances, he says, "I pancake my ribbons and apply calamine lotion to my shoes" to lessen their shine, and he uses transparent elastic (purchased in Japan) to create an unbroken line.
A s a child, Robert Jinks recalls countless summers when his mother attempted to soothe his sunburn by applying lashings of pink, chalky calamine lotion.
These hands suggest future violence but also resonate with more positive images within the poem, such as her mother's voice calling her missing child, her mother's soothing of itchy hives with calamine lotion ("as though pink can heal me"), and perhaps most importantly her mother's final tender gesture: "My girl she says and folds me in, / gives me back to darkness."
One effective commercial preparation for rashes is calamine lotion and also phenolated calamine lotion.
* Calamine lotion for soothing insect bites or poison ivy.
A new research report indicates, however, that immediate drug treatment can free many of these youngsters from traditional therapies -- oatmeal baths and those messy applications of calamine lotion -- up to three days earlier than usual.