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calamus (kălˈəməs): see arum.
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Grass-like plant with cattail-type leaves and thin green “finger” sticking out from leaf stalk. The root is the part used, for indigestion (because it’s bitter), stomach, heartburn, spasms, colds, coughs, aphrodisiac.
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the hollow lower part of the shaft of a feather. The calamus is partly beneath and partly above the skin. It lacks a vane and is usually semitransparent. Inside the calamus is a membranous formation. The calami of the flight feathers, which experience considerable stress during flight, are attached to the bones of the wings.

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Then filter paper was placed at the bottom of petri dishes and by the help of pipette five different containers of the Cypermethrin , Acorus calamus, Methamidophos and Nimolicine were spread on the filter paper.
In a few genera in the Calamoideae (Korthalsia, Calamus, Myrialepis, Plectocomia and Plectocomiopsis) the bud is displaced longitudinally and is adnate to the internode and leaf sheath above the node of origin (Fisher & Dransfield, 1977; Fisher & Mogea, 1980).
The percent dry weight of plant matter was highest in Micrommelum pubescens (10.6%), followed by Alangium chinense (9.8%), Spondis axillaris (9.5%), Calamus sp.
We turn now to "Calamus"--that cluster of poems that has most preoccupied Whitman's queer readers and critics since its publication--to further explore the stakes of Whitman's queer future that never came to be.
Angelica (center) and calamus (right) prefer wet feet and can be used to treat gastrointestinal problems.
Some species were used to treat few ailments, such as Acorus calamus, which was used to treat only cough and toothache.
A 25-mg portion of the edge of the feather calamus was cut and placed in a 1.5-mL tube.
Calamus###Acorus calamus L.###Root###86718.1###27320.7###14618.7###976.8###152.1###634.3
At Calamus and other reservoirs across the Great Plains--from Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska into Iowa, Kansas, and beyond--the water nearly boils with massive populations of gizzard shad.
Acorus calamus Linn., commonly known as 'Sweet flag', is an aromatic medicinal plant, well known for its medicinal values.
Acorus calamus (Acoraceae) also known as sweet flag in Indian traditional medicine is generally used for treatment of cough, fever, bronchitis, inflammation, depression, tumors, haemorrhoids, skin diseases, insomnia, hysteria, epilepsy, and loss of memory [1, 2].