Calcaneal Spur

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Spur, Calcaneal


a thornlike bony excrescence on the lower surface of the calcaneal bones where the foot ligaments or Achilles tendon are attached; a type of osteophyte. Calcaneal spurs occur most frequently as a result of metabolic disorders or overtaxation of the foot ligaments in flatfootedness. Although a spur can cause severe pain, it is not visible externally. Detection is by means of a foot X ray. Treatment includes physical therapy, the use of special orthopedic inner soles and shoes, and—in cases of persistent severe pain—roentgenotherapy and surgery.

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All patients were diagnosed based on X-ray imaging results, and 43 out of 61 patients had calcaneal spurs.
A PAIN specifically in the heel and related to weight-bearing is typical of either plantar fasciti or a calcaneal spur.
The other problem could be due to a spur of bone, called a calcaneal spur, projecting out of your heel bone.
Diagnosis: calcaneal spur aggravating and aggravated by a short Achilles tendon.
(3) Plantar heel pain has been referred to in the published literature by many names including heel spur syndrome, which lends some importance to the radiographic presence of an inferior calcaneal spur.
Heel spur syndrome (calcaneal spur syndrome), painful heel syndrome, runner's heel, subcalcaneal pain, calcaneodynia, and calcaneal periostitis are the synonyms of PF (5).