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calceolaria (kălˌsēəlârˈēə): see figwort.
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a genus of plants of the family Scro-phulariaceae (flgwort). Included in this genus are herbs, semi-shrubs, and shrubs. The leaves are opposite or verticillate. The blossoms have a four-part calyx and a vividly labiate, bulging corolla (the lower lip is usually larger). There are two or three stamens. The fruit is a capsule. There are approximately 400 species, found primarily in the Peruvian and Chilean Andes. Several species are also native to Central America. Many species are ornamentals. Hybrids of the species Calceolaria corymbosa, C, arachnoidea, and C. crenatiflora were used in the creation of numerous garden varieties. The hybrids have yellow, orange, red, or violet flowers; they have either spotted or striped corollas. They are grown in cool conservatories and propagated by seeds or cuttings.

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Sow flowering houseplants Grow your own winter-flowering pot plants by sowing cineraria, calceolaria and schizanthus.
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Calceolaria Sunset is a useful bedder for the edges of containers, wall mangers and large hanging baskets.
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SUNNY BLOOMS: Calceolaria; PURPLE POWER: Bracysome; PATIO POT: Brighten your steps up with pelargoniums
Examples include Alyssum, Ageratum, Antirrhinum, Calceolaria, Celosia, Lobelia, Nicotiana, Pelargonium, Sweet pea, Stocks and Verbena.
Plants meeting the special requirements of bedding-out (identical bloom time, neatness, strong colour and prolonged blooming) were found in semi-tropical plants -- annuals such as lobelia, geranium, calceolaria, alyssum, canna and salvia -- which required greenhouse protection until frost-free weather.