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(kăl'sēəlâr`ēə): see figwortfigwort,
common name for some members of the Scrophulariaceae, a family comprising chiefly herbs and small shrubs and distributed widely over all continents. The family includes a few climbing types and some parasitic and saprophytic forms.
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a genus of plants of the family Scro-phulariaceae (flgwort). Included in this genus are herbs, semi-shrubs, and shrubs. The leaves are opposite or verticillate. The blossoms have a four-part calyx and a vividly labiate, bulging corolla (the lower lip is usually larger). There are two or three stamens. The fruit is a capsule. There are approximately 400 species, found primarily in the Peruvian and Chilean Andes. Several species are also native to Central America. Many species are ornamentals. Hybrids of the species Calceolaria corymbosa, C, arachnoidea, and C. crenatiflora were used in the creation of numerous garden varieties. The hybrids have yellow, orange, red, or violet flowers; they have either spotted or striped corollas. They are grown in cool conservatories and propagated by seeds or cuttings.

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The usual way for growing calceolarias for outdoor display is to sow seeds in pots during late spring, over-winter the young plants frost-free under glass and plant them out in spring.
Calceolarias need light, fairly rich soil, and will flourish in full sun or light shade.
Worldwide, there are 300 species of calceolaria ( from tiny flowers to shrubs ( all originating from Central and South America.
SOW pots of cinerarias and calceolarias to add flowers to your house- plant arrangements later in the year.
I had them planted out all over the place - Mexican salvias, South African agapanthus, cannas, verbenas, calceolarias and osteospermum.
Calceolarias and cinerarias should be sown under glass.
Florist's calceolarias are stunning beauties, but their flaunting blooms fade quickly when the weather turns hot and dry--or when it turns frosty.
Photo: Sunny yellow blossoms cover "Golden Nugget' calceolaria spring through fall.
TAKE cuttings of successful bedding plants such as penstemons, verbenas, mesembryanthemums, calceolarias, pansies, violets and zonal pelargoniums.