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Mechanisms of arterial calcifications and consequences for cardiovascular function.
Correlation of dental pulp stones, carotid artery and renal calcifications using digital panoramic radiography and ultrasonography.
Calcification of the lymph node is common and typically occurs at the periphery of the node, the egg shell pattern, which is highly suggestive of silicosis.
In recent years, a number of publications have detected calcifications on panoramic radiographs (5,7-12,16-18).
This rare malignant soft-tissue tumor had a well-circumscribed mass with multiple small calcifications and cystic components [8].
Idiopathic Basal Ganglia Calcification (IBGC), also known as Fahr's syndrome, refers to abnormal bilateral calcium deposits in the basal ganglia and other regions of the brain.
Gottlieb said she was interested in the intralesional therapy for her pediatric lupus patients with dystrophic calcifications.
The findings were consistent with metastatic pulmonary calcification.
The mechanisms involved in the production of vascular calcifications are complex.
PSS is characterized by the calcification and ossification of the medial collateral ligament (MCL), usually associated with a history of direct or indirect trauma and repetitive microtrauma (3-6).
Whether the coronary artery calcification scores in RA patients actually predict more adverse cardiovascular events more accurately is not clear.