calcium aluminate cement

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calcium aluminate cement, aluminous cement, (Brit.) high-alumina cement

The product obtained by pulverizing clinker, consisting essentially of hydraulic calcium aluminates resulting from fusing or sintering a suitably proportioned mixture of aluminous and calcareous materials.
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The European player will build a calcium aluminate cement production plant in the district soon.
A leading Turkish manufacturer of cement and ready-mixed concrete products, Cimsa produces special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate cement, as well as gray cement.
Calcium aluminate cements have been widely considered the best corrosion-resistant repair mortar available.
That is more than 80 percent less than what pure fused calcium aluminate cements experience.
Calcium Aluminate Cements, Lea's Chemistry of Cement and Concrete.
The replacement series of cement SRMs reflects newer cement types now being used; ordinary and blended portland cement products from around the world were selected, including blends with limestone, slag, and fly ash, low Fe white cement, and two calcium aluminate cements.