calcium-channel blocker

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calcium-channel blocker,

any of a class of drugs used in treating hypertensionhypertension
or high blood pressure,
elevated blood pressure resulting from an increase in the amount of blood pumped by the heart or from increased resistance to the flow of blood through the small arterial blood vessels (arterioles).
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, angina pectorisangina pectoris
, condition characterized by chest pain that occurs when the muscles of the heart receive an insufficient supply of oxygen. This results when the arteries that supply the heart muscle with oxygenated blood are narrowed by arteriosclerosis.
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, and certain arrhythmiasarrhythmia
, disturbance in the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Various arrhythmias can be symptoms of serious heart disorders; however, they are usually of no medical significance except in the presence of additional symptoms.
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. They prevent the calcium ions needed for muscle contraction from entering the cells of smooth and cardiac muscle. This causes blood vessel walls to relax and blood to flow more freely to the heart, lowering blood pressure and relieving anginal pain. Some calcium-channel blockers, such as Procardia (nifedipine), slow the electrical impulses that run through heart muscle, thus regulating arrhythmias. Cardizem (diltiazem) is a common calcium-channel blocker.
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24 Lancet that other research has shown that calcium-channel blockers may interfere with mechanisms that limit cancer cell growth.
These results, Furberg adds, make him question the safety of all calcium-channel blockers, particularly the newer, long-acting forms of nifedipine, which are taken once a day and are now more commonly prescribed than the older, short-acting versions.
Two new studies of nifedipine, a drug commonly prescribed for high blood pressure and heart disease, have generated fierce controversy over the safety of calcium-channel blockers, the class of compounds to which nifedipine belongs.
Among the drugs that grapefruit is known to affect: calcium-channel blockers like Procardia or Adalat, antihistamines like Seldane, immunosuppressants like cyclosporine, short-acting sedatives like Halcion, and estrogens like Estinyl.
First, regarding her comparison of expensive calcium-channel blockers for hypertension with "over-the counter" diuretics: The diuretics are inexpensive and very effective, but do require a prescription.
Those who suffer more serious forms of the syndrome may be prescribed Calcium-channel blockers.
The reference group of patients was treated with calcium-channel blockers.
A new population-based case-control study indicates that the long-term use of calcium-channel blockers (e.
The researchers found women in the study who had been taking calcium-channel blockers to treat high blood pressure for more than 10 years were 2.

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