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The continuing drop in the breeding herd likely will result in the smallest calf crop since the mid-1950s.
As a field demonstration of the effect of these markers on meat tenderness, 40 genotyped steers from the 2008 calf crop at SFREC were selected and divided into two groups: one with the most tender genotypes, and the other with the least tender genotypes.
* On the range an 80-90 percent calf crop may be good.
Continuing declines in the breeding herd have resulted in what will likely be the smallest calf crop in 2001 since at least the 1950s, and the calf crop in 2002 will likely drop even further.
Half of those embryos were implanted in Brahman cows, half in Angus, and the first calf crop is now on the ground at Brooksville and available for study.
The drop is due to continued low calf prices and a lower calf crop in 2009, reflecting market uncertainty, the report added.
No business carrying breeding stock can afford to risk discovering infection on their farms and then finding their entire spring's calf crop has failed.
For available feedlot supplies the 2007 calf crop was down slightly from 2006 levels.
Making sure you have a capable bull is a key to a good calf crop from your beef cow next year.
"The quality of their body condition at this time will result in either a good, healthy calf crop, or they will produce lower numbers of calves that may have a more difficult time surviving," he said.