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The Syft Calibrant Standard (or "Syft Standard") is a certified gas standard prepared for Syft Technologies.
Table 2 illustrates alignment-based mapping statistics for threat agents and our calibrant for comparison to nonalignment Z values.
An external calibrant of a saturated solution of CsI was used for mass assignment using the peaks for Cs (m/z 132.91), [Cs.sub.2]I (m/z 392.71), and [Cs.sub.3]I2 (m/z 652.53).
Magnetic Susceptibilities were determined on a Sherwood Scientific Magnetic Susceptibility Balance (Model MKI) at room temperature using Hg[Co(SCN)4] as a calibrant; diamagnetic corrections were calculated from Pascal's constant.
Key words: balance; calibrant; calibration; gravimetry; weighing liquids; weighing solids.
Magnetic susceptibilities were measured on a Guoy balance at room temperature using Hg[Co[(NCS).sub.4]] as calibrant. The molar conductance data were recorded on the ELICO-CM-82T conductivity bridge in DMF solution at concentration ~[10.sup.-3] M and ESR spectra were recorded on Bruker Biospin.
Magnetic susceptibility measurements were made at room temperature on a Gouy balance using Hg[Co[(NCS).sub.4]] as the calibrant. Molar conductivity measurements were recorded on an ELICO CM180 conductivity bridge in DMF solution ([10.sup.-3] M) using a dip-type conductivity cell fitted with a platinum electrode.
Acceleration voltage was 25 kV and the instrument was calibrated in the range between 3,637.8 and 16,952.3 Da using the IVD Bacterial Test Standard Calibrant (BTS; Bruker Daltonik GmbH).
Magnetic susceptibility measurements of the complexes were carried out by Gouy balance using Hg[Co[(CN).sub.4]] as calibrant. IR and mass spectra and elemental analysis of compounds were done in Department of Chemistry, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.
The DSA also has built-in calibrant lines that provide good flexibility and enable users to generate accurate mass data, change ionization conditions, or perform semi-quantitative experimentation.