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The tables in the sidebar on the opposite page list the [V.sub.NE] of the Mooney 231 and Cessna 172P for various altitudes, expressed in calibrated airspeed.
Determining the aircraft's [V.sub.NE] speed limit in terms of the value the airspeed indicator points to requires holding constant the aircraft's [V.sub.NE] true airspeed and the corresponding calibrated airspeed is noted.
The accident airplane's calibrated airspeed was derived from radar and winds aloft data.
With the center of gravity (CG) located at the forward limit, the published stall speed was 69 knots calibrated airspeed in level flight with flaps up.
The Cessna 172R Information Manual states the airplane would stall at the following calibrated airspeeds when flown at maximum gross weight, the most rearward center of gravity and with a 10-degree flap setting: