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The nominal internal diameter of a pipe. In contrast, the outside diameter is specified for brass and copper tubing and for brass and copper pipe of other than iron-pipe sizes.
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Terms of the contract call for TEAM CALIBRE to provide a full range of Advisory and Assistance services in support of the U.
We are pleased that Calibre YieldAnalyzer achieves STARC's requirements for highly accurate CAA extraction.
Calibre xRC is part of Mentor's market-leading Calibre design-to-silicon platform.
Using Calibre xRC and Calibre xL in the design flow helps ensure that designers have all the data they need to obtain successful first pass silicon.
Headquartered in Washington, DC with operating offices in Houston, Texas, Calibre Energy, Inc.
The interoperability, based on the industry standard OpenAccess database, allows users of the OpenAccess version of Calibre nmDRC to directly open databases containing PCells from any vendor without first streaming out to GDSII.
Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ:MENT) today announced availability of Calibre([R]) nmOPC, a third-generation optical proximity correction (OPC) tool that expands the Calibre arsenal of resolution enhancement technology (RET) products for sub-65 nanometer (nm) process technologies.
The Calibre tool suite delivers, at this technology node, the performance needed for our physical verification," said Roland Krebs, Senior Manager of Physical Design at Agere.
Mentor Graphics has successfully conducted shared memory processor (SMP) productivity benchmarks evaluating the performance of Calibre nmDRC on the Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5160 processor.
Calibre nm Platform includes the new Calibre nmDRC with Hyperscaling.
Calibre nmDRC responds to the need for reduced cycle time with a revolutionary new approach.
This broad set of Calibre tools set the standard of excellence in terms of extending existing tools and platforms to address the issue of achieving acceptable yield in nanometer technologies.