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, [Gr.,=with oxygen], system of endurance exercises that promote cardiovascular fitness by producing and sustaining an elevated heart rate for a prolonged period of time, thereby pumping an increased amount of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles being used.
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, calisthenics
light exercises designed to promote general fitness, develop muscle tone, etc.
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Five studies examined treadmill-training protocols [37, 42, 46-48]; three studies tested leg cycling protocols [40, 43, 44]; one study compared rowing and arm and leg cycling training [45]; two studies evaluated a combination of aerobic and strengthening exercises [39, 41]; and one study evaluated a calisthenics protocol [38].
2) Exercise program: Calisthenic and aerobic exercises aimed to target all muscle groups using visual biofeedback with music and active video games for 25 minutes.
Upon arrival at a restaurant, they did 100 burpees -- a taxing calisthenic -- ate at a buffet, and did 100 more burpees before hiking in a downpour to the Killington ski resort.
(4) Koehler's physical training manual, A Manual of Calisthenic Exercises, (5) was published in 1892 and became the first Army-wide publication providing leaders with guidance to methodically improve the physical fitness of individual Soldiers.
During the study, which coincided with the 2011 NCAA Division II cross country season, the subjects weekly training regimen was composed of 18 to 72 running miles that included one endurance run of at least 10 miles, 1 or 2 intense exercise sessions (e.g., hill workouts) at a heart rate intensity of at least 85% maximum, and 2 or 3 core-strengthening calisthenic sessions.
Normally, I would take this in the literal, calisthenic sense, but Dyson could just as well be referring to the term popularly applied to aTunde Adjuah's brand of music.
No, this picture from the ECHO archives shows Liverpool women police cadets doing their calisthenic training circa 1959.
Stan Baumgartner, a Philadelphia sportswriter and former Phillies pitcher, reported that after the first week of training Bruce was given an "unqualified stamp of approval." (5) Instead of watching from the sidelines, Cox would often participate in workouts with the club, running around the field, practicing quick starts, going through calisthenic drills, and playing catch with the players.
The loop featured a mix of Mars-themed films, such as Space Camp, 2012--detailing the calisthenic and other preparations undertaken for the mission by the large cast of collaborators and helpers drafted into the project--and more general introductions to the Sachsian weltanschauung, including Ten Bullets, 2010, the most celebrated in a series of kaleidoscopically persnickety short movies that the artist has been releasing in recent years.
DONMEZ, G., AYDOS, L., 2000, The effect of calisthenic studies on physiological and physical parameters in on sedentary middle-aged women, Journal of Gazi Physical Education and Sport Sciences, 5(2),17-25.
Probably, some of you who are specialists in corporal movement do not perceive the difference that exists between the really inspiring music that I use, and the merely 'accompanying' music which is irrelevant to so many choreographic presentations and modern calisthenics. Many fail to notice the value of rhythmic exercises where each according to my method (and I sincerely hope, according to all those pedagogues who will not fail to develop it in the future, and who are anxious to link the corporal and the intellectual), will fill the gap which exists today between calisthenic and athletic sports, mental and physical development.
The program of aerobic and calisthenic exercise aimed for 75%-80% of maximal heart rate according to the Karvonen method and consisted of 10 minutes of warm-up exercises; 40 minutes of aerobics; 15 minutes of exercise targeting the abdomen, hip, and leg muscles; and 5 minutes for cool-down and stretching.