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caulking, calking

1.A resilient mastic compound, often having a silicone, bituminous, or rubber base; used to seal cracks, fill joints, prevent leakage, and/or provide waterproofing; also see caulking compound.
2. Another term for cogging.
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He was calking about Soho and the wonderful collision between early rock-and-roll and gangland violence, It wasn't something I knew anything about.
Although it sounds simplistic to say that it got staff calking to each other more, this improvement in communication alone was a big change in staff behavior and culture.
Calking was granted official recognition after G[]ngyang and is generally considered to be the later of the two, but neither the relative date nor the absolute date of either work is certain, (5) The Zuo zhuan is best known for its historical narratives, but it too contains a set of exegetical passages that comment directly on the form of Spring and Autumn records.
"All of the sections were sealed with waterproof calking and glued and screwed to the framework."
Some were sleeping, some staring off into space avoiding eye contact, and others calking quietly.