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fire alarm box

A small box, usually red, having a thin sheet of glass or plastic which, if broken, activates a fire alarm system.
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MHCLG's consultation document added: "Recognising that there is already an existing public telephone network in place, we propose removing the permitted development right for public call boxes.
These call boxes will enable distressed motorists to directly reach the SCTEX Traffic Control Room easily so that they can immediately dispatch SCTEX patrol teams to the area.
The call boxes will enable distressed motorists to directly and quickly reach the SCTEX Traffic Control Room and allow SCTEX teams to respond faster.
The decision in this regard was made on the positive results of some previously installed call boxes on the city's roads.
The TARDIS is an iconic blue box, fashioned after police call boxes that were prevalent in London in the 1950s and 60s.
Some call boxes are also monitored by CCTV and footage from that will be used by the police as evidence if necessary.
Mr Smit, who also runs a business in Holland which maintains emergency motorway call boxes, is hoping to hit a turnover of pounds 1m in about three years with the new business after securing a number of contracts, including work for Gateshead Council and East Durham Homes on housing refurbishment projects so buildings can be made more energy efficient.
He said: "We accept the use of public call boxes has declined in recent years, and that it may be appropriate for some of them to be removed.
Passengers using the airport's car parks can now find help via new assistance call boxes installed in the parking areas.
In fact, there are 237 blue police call boxes (PCBs), on which the BBC modelled the fictional time lord's transporter.
Call boxes are located on the outside of the residence halls for visitors who do not have a student ID and cannot access the lobby.