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The Control Layer - The control layer, or access switching layer, handles call control and signaling functionality and acts as a mediator between the other two layers.
Now with integrated 3rd party call control, service providers can offer subscribers the ability to make and receive calls using their Office Communicator or other Microsoft Office applications, such as Outlook.
0 allows users to easily access advanced call control features within the Microsoft mail and browser programs, affording service providers additional tools to offer their customers.
PLANO, Texas -- New Call Control, Enhanced Applications, and Signaling Products to Complement Industry Leading Universal Media Gateway Providing Flexible Migration to Converged Services
Latest release extends support for advanced call control and interoperability with SIP networks and devices including Microsoft Live Communication Server
Open Midpoint Call Management leverages the power of standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Call Control XML (CCXML) to create a "virtual call center" that performs the necessary call control functions, including call management, monitoring and reporting.
com has all the features of a traditional conference calling service such as standard call management (volume control, muting, participant announcing, conference locking and recording) along with sophisticated moderator features for Web-based on-demand call control.