call point

fire alarm box

A small box, usually red, having a thin sheet of glass or plastic which, if broken, activates a fire alarm system.
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This transaction increases our scale within a call point that we already know quite well, and creates value for Teleflex shareholders by generating attractive financial returns.
Commenting on the deal, Barda[euro](tm)s CEO and chairman Timothy Ring described Neomend as a leader in the thoracic sealing segment, saying the merger complements Barda[euro](tm)s portfolio of surgical speciality products, while being synergistic with its call point and global reach.
On arrival they found that a fire call point outside the block had been damaged by vandals and there was no emergency.
There is no longer an excuse of not having anywhere to call from because there is a call point every two blocks," says Mariana Chispas, a consultant in La Paz.
A call point has now been put in, linked to CV One's CCTV control room.
They are what I call point and squirters - they ride flat out on the straight bits but when they come to any corner,have no idea what to do.
We can call point to many foundries that have put together successful marketing programs.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Inst Of Spares For Fire Alaram System : Auto dialer for fire alarm system , Smoke detector (Addressable) , Manual Call point (Addressable) ,Fault isolator module addressable,Control module Addressable,Addressable Hooter,5 loop morlayias fire alarm panel,12 V 7 AH Battery,ITC of Smoke detector (Addressable,ITC of manual call point (Addressable),ITC of Addressable Hooter,ITC of control module Addressable,ITC of fault isolator moduleAddresssable,ITC of 5 loop marlayias fire alarm panel,Laying of FRLS Armored cable Document Purchase Start date : 20 Nov 2017 Opening date : 28 Nov 2017 Period of contract : 3 month
it is supporting its field representatives with a newly hired inside sales organisation to assist in optimizing utilisation of its tests in current hospital accounts and to reach more physician call point targets, said CEO Mark McDonough.
The addition of Medivancea[euro](tm)s targeted temperature management (TM) products will create synergies with Brada[euro](tm)s critical care sales call point and its technology is aimed at a significant unmet need in a double-digit growth sector, the buyer said in a statement.