call sign

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call sign

[′kȯl ‚sīn]

Call Sign


a set of characters (code symbols, letters, or numbers) or an audible signal (word, musical phrase, bird call) that serves as the distinctive sign of a radio station—usually for the purpose of identification of the station during reception. As a rule, it is transmitted at the beginning of each period of the station’s operation.

The set of symbols in a call sign identifies the station’s national affiliation. The initial characters are established by the International Radio Regulations. The USSR, for example, uses in this position the letters U and R and such combinations as 4J, 4K, and 4L. The complete structure of a call sign depends on the class (purpose) of a station and differs for broadcasting, official, and amateur radio stations. Call signs for amateur radio stations have a complicated makeup and contain the most information. They often indicate through a code the station’s operating wave band (shortwave or ultrashortwave), the station’s group (a collective or individual station) and site (in the USSR—the Union republic, oblast, and amateur-radio region), and the individual letter symbol or registration number of the station.


call sign

Any combination of characters or pronounceable words used primarily for establishing and maintaining communications. It identifies a communication facility, a command, an authority, an activity, or a unit. A call sign should have at least two syllables (e.g., Red 1, Pan Am 550).
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A nice feature is the author's consistent use of call signs rather than names for all of the Americans involved in the action.
A call sign is a signal code that all foreign military aircraft crossing Indian airspace use to communicate with the Indian Air Force.
The call sign "Air Force One" wasn't adopted until 1958, when two Boeing 707 jets became the official presidential planes.
What was the two-word CB call sign of Kris Kristofferson in the film Convoy?
He said Baker has already received a license with the school's call sign, W6MHS, and received thousands of dollars in radio equipment from private donors.
For the first time, a forward ground controller, with the call sign of "Antidote," located on the ground near Baghdad, was invited "into" the cockpit of the aircraft via the Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) system.
In keeping with his call sign of "Loaner," he is currently serving as the Director of Operations of the Army's 11th Air Support Operations Squadron, Fort Hood, Texas.
If your unit or aircraft is not on the correct frequency, with the correct call sign and encryption scheme, coordinated operations are in jeopardy and potential friendly fire situations develop rapidly.
he was the space duty officer in the CAOC when an F-14D with two crew members aboard, "Junker 13" was the call sign, ran into mechanical problems and had to eject over Southwest Iraq, still an area where we were worried about heavy surface-to-air missile activity.
He maintained high performance standards, however, as his team dwindled from fifteen members to eight, giving him the opportunity to live up to his call sign, "Relentless.
Joe Barrett may be the name on his driver's license, but at Starbase Atlantis, he is known only by his call sign, "Rocketman.
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