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RACHEL LEES Probably our male Lar Gibbon Jake, he was hand reared so he interacts with you and he has a beautiful calling song which can often be heard for miles when the wind carries it.
Comparing the Effects of Temperature on the Calling Song of Males, the Phonotaxis of Females, and the L3 Auditory Neuron in Crickets (Acheta domesticus).
There is more variation in the females' phonotactic response and the L3 neuron compared to the variation in the male's calling song.
Fine-scale temperature effects on cricket calling song.
The long-range calling song used by males to attract females from a distance is compared to song produced in close-range courtship interactions between males and females.
Medfly males produce three distinct sounds as part of their sexual communication ritual: 1) the calling song, produced simultaneously with pheromone emission and often in the absence of other flies in its immediate proximity; 2) the courtship song, an intermittent series of buzzes made when other flies are nearby; and 3) the copula song, a brief sound produced by males when they mount a prospective mate.
My brother John, who has followed the ti'at into the ocean, begins to sing the Dolphin Calling Song, praying for help for the paddlers.
The calling song, or buzz, attracts females once the scent has drawn them close.
Male cicadas attract mates through production of a species-specific calling song.
Males produce three loud, shrill, piercing calling songs (Villet 1988) that are essential for mate recognition (Villet 1992), and often sing in choruses, especially at dusk and dawn, achieving this by being endothermic (Villet et al.