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However, it is shown that the extent of metastatic involvement rather than the site (lung or bone) has prognostic value (in our patient the metastatic mass on calvarium was in large size).
In contrast, subdural hematomas may be asymmetric, demonstrate mass effect, have noncerebrospinal fluid (CSF) intensity signal within or along the collections, and displace vessels along the inner table of the calvarium.
A soft tissue mass, if present, can be easily palpated in the calvarium.
Multiple "punched out" lesions in the calvarium and axial skeleton are a classic appearance of this disease (Figure 6).
Autopsy revealed a bulging deformity of the left temporal bone and the calvarium, orbit, and mandible.
Many meningiomas elicit hyperostosis without invasion of the calvarium.
The Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast personnel use tweezers to hold up large baby body parts as they fish around for and talk about kidneys and lungs and livers and eyes ("orbits") and intestines and calvarium (skulls) and trachea and a "long bone.
Transaxial FLAIR MR images (Figures 1A and 1B) demonstrate atrophy of skin and subcutaneous tissues overlying the left frontal calvarium (arrows), as well as ipsilateral cerebral atrophy and diffuse white matter hyperintensities involving the left frontal, parietal, and occipital lobes, external capsule, and corpus callosum splenium.
The central nervous system (CNS) is at particular risk of diagnostic error; encased in the calvarium, it is only amenable to indirect "gross examination.
Between bites of salad and sips of red wine, she talked about livers ("and always as many intact livers as possible"), lungs ("Yesterday was the first time [a buyer said a client] wanted lungs"), and brains ("The kind of rate-limiting step of the procedure is the calvarium, the head is basically the biggest part.
It has higher contrast resolution, is not affected by the shadowing from the calvarium or by low amniotic fluid volume, allows a larger field of view and can easily be performed using ultrafast T2-W sequences, (3) making it more useful than US in late pregnancy.
Other cases of solitary CNS Whipple disease have also involved the frontoparietal regions, and in one of these, there was associated destruction of the calvarium adjacent to the lesion.