cam handle

cam handle, locking handle

In a window having a sash (ventilator, 2) which swings about pivots, a handle which locks the sash in a closed position by wedging it against a keeper.
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Mitch let Cam handle it, and Cam told Lily nicely that they won't leave until she puts the dress on.
Each FT04 model is equipped with a 300W removable, canisterized power supply; four removable and "hot-pluggable" disk drive canisters of all-metal construction, each having a special cam handle mechanism to "lock in" the drives and prevent errors or damage from shock and vibration; dual-loop porting with Fibre Channel on Copper (DB-9 I/O ports, powered for M.
Cam Handles For Comfort And Easy Use To Provide Quicker Adjustments Without Pop-pins And Threaded Handles