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One of the important things we learned is camaraderie and heart so that the projects, house bills, and laws in our districts can be advanced.
What elements of the Hero's Journey program related to the outcomes of safety, camaraderie, and outdoor challenge?
As a trainer, your job is to provide a safe learning environment where camaraderie is built upon shared humor.
It's absolutely true, we do have a lot of fun and the sense of camaraderie here is amazing.
They are not accepting the warm and fuzzy camaraderie as a result of a meeting as a good enough reason to have that meeting.
The challenge, the camaraderie, personal development?
Even under the harsh conditions of holding pens and jail cells, every arrested protester that I met showed unfailing humor, kindness, and camaraderie.
The result has been the development of a citywide camaraderie among collegiate music majors, allowing them to share ideas between schools, support each other's concerts and recitals and sponsor significant workshops, master classes and cooperative recitals.
There are a handful of raw, grassroots companies out there not interested in the full manipulation of innocent skateboarders, but instead preserving the rich friendships and camaraderie shared by all skaters everywhere.
Both conferences have great programs (take a look at page 32 of this issue for more Paper Summit details), but perhaps more importantly they provide an opportunity for camaraderie and maintaining the strong relationships that keep us going in tough times.
The comments received from TEI members has generally been positive, though some registrants have voiced concern about the possible effect of sponsorships, exhibits, and receptions on camaraderie and networking among members and the overall professionalism of the Institute.
In some cases, companies use the air combat for corporate team-building or camaraderie.

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