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The 4KSDI-Mini compact 4K/UHD camera head only needs a single 12G-SDI connection to provide 4K 60fps video, but can also support 6G, 3G and HD-SDI output formats.
Using one hand on the controls just below the display, Utz articulated the camera head slowly, allowing a close-up view of the cylinder walls.
* The IK-HD5U is compatible with the IK-HD5H 3-CMOS camera head which features a removable optical low pass filter (OLPF) for dual-mode imaging applications.
Each camera head offers 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB memory options for excellent high performance Gigabit Ethernet interface to PC.
In parallel laser mode, the camera head's twin laser dots are oriented perpendicular to the pipe wall and then rotated 360 degrees.
* A new compact design of the HDXS[TM] camera head that facilitates installation on most brands and models of surgical and compound microscope systems.
For easier setup, the P10 has a progressive scan camera head and a free-angle camera arm and LED lamp.
The monitor sits vertically and to the right of the cabinet interior, with a mirror used to dived the image up to the camera head.
The company said its mechanical arm display device offers a full 1080p High Definition output and 5 megapixel camera head to improve clarity and image quality.
The mountable camera head is 1-inch in diameter and three inches long.
The camera is designed to be installed on a variety of microscopes and is controlled directly from buttons on the camera head or through a remote control keypad.