camera phone

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camera phone

A cellphone with a built-in camera. The first cellphones with cameras were reportedly in Japan in 2000. Camera phones appeared in the U.S. a couple years later.

Most flip phones and all smartphones have still and video cameras, and hundreds of billions of photos and videos are taken every year because almost everyone has a phone handy much of the time. In addition, camera quality has become so good that, except for the professional photographer, the average family no longer uses a dedicated camera. A common example of camera quality is an 8x10" print, and many camera phones meet this test and beyond (see smartphone camera).

The Camera Phone Changed the World
Having a camera handy at all times means that any event can be captured on the spur of the moment. Riots, protests and other upheavals from around the world have been documented by videos and sometimes become the only evidence later on.

On a less ominous note, the camera phone has become a very useful note taker by making it easy to capture a sign in a store, a label on a bottle and a device's serial number for later reference. The cellphone camera as well as all the other functions in today's smartphones have changed society in countless ways. See smartphone, flip phone, point-and-shoot camera and DSLR.

A Lotta Cameras
Not one, but four camera lenses are found on this Galaxy S21 Ultra. Today's smartphones vastly exceed the capabilities of dedicated cameras in the past. See Galaxy S.
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At an event in New Delhi, Realme disclosed some essential information about the upcoming 64MP camera phones (yes, there are more than one!) and also let the gathered press get their hands on only the camera.
For instance an f1.6 aperture is bigger than an f2.2.What about dual camera phones? Well, this is a bit of a mixed bag.
However, because camera phone photography involves the production and sharing of images, it also compels us to engage with its status as representation, and to explore the relationship between the representational and the non-representational.
The analyst from said that sales of camera phones are projected to grow by 21% from 918 million units last year to 1.114 billion units in 2011, which will be the first time that annual volumes of camera phones have reached the 1 billion units.
"The first 5-megapixel camera phone (SCH-V7800, June 2005), the first 7-megapixel device with an optical zoom (SCH-V770, July 2005), the first 10-megapixel model (SCH-B600, October 2006) and, most recently, the first 12-megapixel camera phone for the global market (Samsung Pixon12, June 2009)," he elaborated.
A rare chance, yes, but it would have been all-too-easy to put the unusual image of Thomas' eyes down to it being a new camera phone.
ZINK Imaging, the inventor of ZINK Zero Ink Digital Printing Technology and manufacturer of ZINK Paper, announced on Monday (22 September) the release of the first in a series of applications for camera phone owners - ZINK Mobile Extras.
A new service called pix2pc has been introduced by Cincinnati Bell Wireless, a wireless carrier serving Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, USA, and a division of Cincinnati Bell Inc (NYSE:CBB), intended to enable customers to save camera phone pictures to PCs and favourite web destinations quickly and easily.
The Gartner research group estimates that every cell phone sold in America will be a camera phone by the year 2010.
SEND us your camera phone pictures and we will carry the best in the Birmingham Mail, and we publish them on our website at Send us your pictures if you see something you think is newsworthy visit an event you think others should see want to share a celebration picture or just love a picture of you and your friends having a fun night out