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Politics Business a series of coordinated activities, such as public speaking and demonstrating, designed to achieve a social, political, or commercial goal



Russian kampaniia, from the French campagne)

(1) Specially organized work for a certain period, activities aimed at implementing important recurring social and political, economic, or cultural measures (for example, election campaigns, sowing campaigns).

(2) In Russian a word referring to a period of uninterrupted operation of a unit, mechanism, or machine; the duration of its work from the moment it is started until it is stopped for a major overhaul (for example, the kampaniia of a blast furnace).

(3)A military campaign.

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This year, campaign finances have become an issue again, with some candidates proposing new reforms such as banning soft money.
While Presidential candidates are going out of their way to solicit support from lesbians and gays in the run-up to the 2000 election, their enthusiasm for votes and campaign contributions is not always matched by a willingness to do right by the targeted voters.
It appeared to be a clear-cut case of an outside group working in close coordination with a political campaign.
It wasn't the only factor, but the wearying exercise of campaign fundraising was one of the main reasons longtime Illinois senator and onetime presidential aspirant Paul Simon decided to call it quits after 42 years in public office.
The first step in undertaking any millage campaign is putting the tax measure on the ballot.
The enduring partnership between the Boston Red Sox and Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund is one of the greatest examples of philanthropy in sports history, Lucchino commented, adding, "I am absolutely confident the Mission Possible Campaign will lead to lives being saved and families being spared from the suffering associated with this disease.
In addition, Runner's Assembly campaign committee has agreed to a $2,500 fine and has made a $5,000 contribution to Grace Resource Center, a Lancaster charity food bank, in a second settlement expected to go before the the commission in September.
Broadcast advertising in the presidential campaign began in early March, shortly after John Kerry emerged victorious from Super Tuesday.
Over his 30-year career, Shrum has worked on the campaigns of seven losing presidential candidates--from George McGovern to Bob Kerrey--capping his record with a leading role in the disaster that was the Gore campaign.
CSCO and Adculture designed a two-pronged PR campaign to drive the value proposition while also creating the climate where canola producers had sufficient background and confidence for uptake of the messages conveyed in the print ads and direct marketing efforts of the campaign.
Environics' strategy involved making news through high-profile launch events; providing parents with simple, enforceable messaging; working with local grassroots SKC partners; and promoting the national retail program (in-store Johnson & Johnson product displays carrying campaign information).
The Clean Elections Campaign leaflet got special mention from several media houses.

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