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Politics Business a series of coordinated activities, such as public speaking and demonstrating, designed to achieve a social, political, or commercial goal
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Russian kampaniia, from the French campagne)

(1) Specially organized work for a certain period, activities aimed at implementing important recurring social and political, economic, or cultural measures (for example, election campaigns, sowing campaigns).

(2) In Russian a word referring to a period of uninterrupted operation of a unit, mechanism, or machine; the duration of its work from the moment it is started until it is stopped for a major overhaul (for example, the kampaniia of a blast furnace).

(3)A military campaign.

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As such, candidates with tarpaulins posted in various areas in Metro Manila before February 12 will not be held liable for early campaigning even before the February 12 start of the campaign period.
With this, any form of partisan political activity by a candidate prior to thefiling of COC or way before the start of the official campaign period will be considered "premature campaigning" and therefore unlawful.
Moser's campaign has said its the first in the state and one of just 10 in the nation to unionize.
'Once we reach our targeted amount we will take the campaign offline unless we need more money, then we will launch phase two.
Danny Rogers; CAMPAIGNS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD; Kogan Page (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 19.95 ISBN: 9780749475093 recommends campaign signs to political campaigns.
"We had them do a feasibility study and write a case for support." He also noted that since the diocesan campaign was implemented in more than 100 parishes, there was "an education and training element" for volunteers in those parishes.
The ReMix campaign kicked off with two pilot projects, the first in Boston on March 22, 2004, followed shortly thereafter in Prince George's County, Md., on April 22, 2004.
"One campaign in particular featuring serene images of women consuming raisins as a part of their daily lives struck a responsive chord," said Greg Carson, partner and Creative Dir of MeringCarson.
His analysis of television campaign advertising from 1960 through 2004 found that nearly three-quarters of the claims in negative spots involved issues, not attacks on candidates' characters of values.
In their Medicare campaign, Alexander Strategy operatives also made creative use of nonprofits in a different way, this time employing a favored modus operandi of the DeLay era.
As executive director of the Arcus Foundation and a board member of the Gill Foundation, I write to correct some information gaps in your editorial about two recent public education campaigns. The "Marriage Matters" ad campaign, supported by the Arcus Foundation and a coalition of national LGBT groups, was an attempt to show that the LGBT movement will not be stepped by short-term setbacks and that we have the broad support of a diverse group of allies.

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