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Politics Business a series of coordinated activities, such as public speaking and demonstrating, designed to achieve a social, political, or commercial goal



Russian kampaniia, from the French campagne)

(1) Specially organized work for a certain period, activities aimed at implementing important recurring social and political, economic, or cultural measures (for example, election campaigns, sowing campaigns).

(2) In Russian a word referring to a period of uninterrupted operation of a unit, mechanism, or machine; the duration of its work from the moment it is started until it is stopped for a major overhaul (for example, the kampaniia of a blast furnace).

(3)A military campaign.

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Popular Campaigner features allow small business professionals to:
The campaigners want the council to go back to the court and ask them for an earlier hearing date.
Our work will provide plenty of opportunities for voters to learn more about how to take part in the referendum and also hear the arguments being made by campaigners.
Campaigners argue this would allow only around 100 veterans out of a total 36,000 to settle, most of them officers.
Campaigners Transport 2000 believe their plans would eventually raise pounds 3 billion that could be pumped into public transport as well as schemes for pedestrians and cyclists.
Campaigner offers a multitude of features that work for the most advanced marketers to those who have never considered an email campaign.
Mr Humphreys' intervention was revealed by the Electoral Commission after the announcement by True Wales, which has campaigned against full law-making powers for the Assembly since September 2008, that it would not be seeking lead campaigner status.
Mrs Payne, a child protection campaigner, survived two major brain operations in 36 hours but said she has a "long road" to recovery.
Fellow campaigner Kath Sainsbury confirmed that the Mvemba family were among those leaving on the plane.
Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said on Sunday he was increasingly concerned that a vote for Britain to leave the European Union could be overturned by a powerful group of the bloc's supporters.
Fellow campaigner and former Glynn Vivian Art Gallery curator, Robin Paisey, added: "We want to continue to be proud of our universities achievements but we're bitterly disappointed at the sheer folly of closing this up-and-running, profitable, internationally recognised gallery.
Local resident and campaigner Tony Birtill said: "At first we were delighted to see rows of books on the shelves near the entrance, but on closer inspection these turned out to be wallpaper with a bookshelf design on it.