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Politics Business a series of coordinated activities, such as public speaking and demonstrating, designed to achieve a social, political, or commercial goal



Russian kampaniia, from the French campagne)

(1) Specially organized work for a certain period, activities aimed at implementing important recurring social and political, economic, or cultural measures (for example, election campaigns, sowing campaigns).

(2) In Russian a word referring to a period of uninterrupted operation of a unit, mechanism, or machine; the duration of its work from the moment it is started until it is stopped for a major overhaul (for example, the kampaniia of a blast furnace).

(3)A military campaign.

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The dim academic view of negative campaigning was reflected in an influential 1999 Political Science Review study by Arizona State University political scientists Patrick J.
A detailed analysis of four previously undocumented case studies of NGO capital market campaigning - including examples from GlaxoSmithKline and WWF-UK - these clearly illustrate the extent of risk posed to companies targeted by capital market campaigns
In the short run, those who stand to gain the most by doing battle in the new arena are those who find themselves marginalized by the economic realities of traditional campaigning.
These ads attack that conception of party in a number of ways: Because they are increasingly the sole way of campaigning, meaning that all a potential candidate needs is money and a media advisor, the party increasingly has no role in either candidate development or in office-holder discipline for program.
I've been going out campaigning, not saying anything personal about supporters of 209,'' Morrison said.
There shouldn't be any campaigning on school sites - children shouldn't be used that way,'' Boudreaux said.
That means candidates have a hard time rebutting false information, journalists have a hard time doing "truth checks," and other measures that keep campaigning accountable to basic standards of decency and accuracy are absent.
Fresh snow also gave candidates a scenic backdrop for some traditional hand-to-hand retail campaigning.
Nights, weekends, vacations, and comp time they spent campaigning for AuCoin.
More disturbingly, perhaps, she says we have become so conditioned to "photo opportunities" and the other hucksterism of modem campaigning that we have developed a certain fondness for it.
Troy argues that there was, in fact, a golden age of campaigning, the period from 1896 to 1944.