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Politics Business a series of coordinated activities, such as public speaking and demonstrating, designed to achieve a social, political, or commercial goal
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Russian kampaniia, from the French campagne)

(1) Specially organized work for a certain period, activities aimed at implementing important recurring social and political, economic, or cultural measures (for example, election campaigns, sowing campaigns).

(2) In Russian a word referring to a period of uninterrupted operation of a unit, mechanism, or machine; the duration of its work from the moment it is started until it is stopped for a major overhaul (for example, the kampaniia of a blast furnace).

(3)A military campaign.

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John Tomaney, chair of designated Yes 4 the North East, said their campaign was not about party politics and called for a united No campaign front.
An anonymous Bush campaign official insisted that the tactic was legal.
"Campaign money--not votes--is now the currency of our democracy, determining who is able to run a viable campaign for office, who usually wins, and who has the ear of elected officials," said Nick Nyhart, executive director of Public Campaign.
The President, who has raised more campaign money than any candidate in U.S.
The solidarity expressed in the FSAM was with a struggle far away (far away at least in practical terms, even if it was also conceived by many as fundamentally a global struggle), but it was a solidarity that was organized and expressed locally in corporate boycotts, in consulate pickets, and in local and state divestment campaigns in cities across the United States before it could be effectively mobilized for the national campaign for sanctions.
"All that said, every campaign is different, and it's important to know what your desired end goal is before you craft the campaign and put it in the mail or e-mail channel.
And most campaigns complied with that law, according to the Reporter's analysis.
"The campaigns definitely find it to their interest to try to control the atmosphere," says Scala.
'After discussing this with friends and colleagues involved with Initiatives of Change (IC) in Taiwan, we decided that over the next five years, IC would go all out to promote a clean election campaign.
that have not only made the Columbus, Ga.-based insurer a household name, but have also skyrocketed sales since the advertising campaign with the duck began three years ago.
According to the Alliance for Better Campaigns, "By 2000, more than 40 percent of the 880,172 campaign ads that aired in federal races in the nation's top 75 media markets were sponsored not by candidates but by interest groups and parties."
Such campaigns will enable hundreds of thousands of citizens to communicate at least occasionally with their federal, state, and local representatives.