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Campanula pyramidalis, the chimney bellflower, is another slightly tender type from northern Italy worth trying indoors.
For growing campanulas long term indoors,pot them in loam-based compost such as John Innes No 2 and make sure they are in good light but not midday sun in summer.
A National Collection of more than 200 kinds of campanula is held at Burton Agnes Hall, Driffield, East Yorkshire (01262-490324).
He said: "My father was the first commander of HMS Campanula after she was commissioned and the first person to bring a Flower Class Corvette into the Albert Dock in September 1940.
Nicholas Monsarrat was based at Canning Dock as an officer aboard HMS Campanula. His experiences onboard the corvette inspired his blockbuster novel The Cruel Sea.
Monsarrat, who was born in Rodney Street, served as an officer on corvette HMS Campanula when she was based at Albert Dock for convoy protection.
Liverpool-born Nicholas Monsarrat, author of best-selling 1951 novel The Cruel Sea, served as a young Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve on the Liverpool-based corvette HMS Campanula.
There are 30 comprising three each of 10 named varieties such as campanula, aster (pictured), sedum and cerastium.
A new Phytologist study of the North American herb Campanula Americana revealed that western populations have darker purple pollen due to extremely high temperatures than eastern populations where white to light-purple pollen is more common.
Varieties of campanula, eritrichium (alpine forget-me-not), gentiana, pulsatilla, saxifraga and ranunculus were content to grow in bare limestone clefts.