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1. a shallow cylindrical metal container of varying size used for storing and handling film
2. in the can (of a film, piece of music, etc.) having been recorded, processed, edited, etc.


(design engineering)
A cylindrical metal vessel or container, usually with an open top or a removable cover.


A closely woven cloth of cotton, hemp, or flax; sometimes adhered to a wall or deck to serve as a substrate for paint; used to cover roof decks that are walking surfaces or sun decks.


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When Sophie can't solve a math puzzle, she feels upset and inadequate.
When coffee is such a part of your soul that you can't get through the day without it, Kopiko 78C is the perfect drink to help keep you productive and charged-up any time you need a quick boost.
The EU can't be for preventing war in Europe because NATO does that.
Children can't get to school, the sick can't get to hospital, people can't get to work , farms are ruined.
Passengers can read an e-book but can't download any, can't make status updates or post pictures on Facebook or Twitter.
They can't wait to go to bed They really can't wait to climb those stairs They can't wait to brush their little teeth They really can't wait to say their prayers And ver y soon they will be sound asleep With lovely dreams of sweets and toys Knowing that for one day at least They really have been good little girls and boys It'sa magic night is Christmas Eve Even mums and dads can't help but believe That Santa Claus really ison his way With Rudolph pulling that heavy old sleigh It'sa magic night is Christmas Eve My great granddaughter Hallie Rose was born The magic is out there.
The rare occurrence of the 'can't intubate, can't oxygenate' crisis make it one of the most challenging events in anaesthetic practice.
Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run by Andy Holgate "My brain and mouth were obviously having communication problems because in reality what I said was, "Ah go on then, I've got three weeks to train, I'll do it.
YOU can't blame Neil Doncaster for surrendering the SPL to FIFA as a guinea pig for goal-line technology.
I can't recall when more than one fork-- which to use first.
Exit Blues Oh-h-h-h-h-h-hAh can't piss Ah can't urinate Ah can't bleed Ah can't even menstruate Oh, Ah can't puke Ah can't regurgitate Ah can't gargle Ah can't salivate Ah can't talk.
Now my pals getting in a fight just because I can't get a light,