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(Said of people, computers, algorithms, programs) (To be) a success at a given task.

E.g. "WYSIWYG is a clear win for small documents".

"winnitude" is the quality that something which wins has. "winning" is often (ab)used as an adjective.

Synonyms: cuspy, elegant. Antonym: lose. Compare lossy, lossless.
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(1) A short name for Windows versions; for example, Win7, Win8 and Win10. In the 1990s, the executable program name for Windows 3.0 and 3.1 was WIN.EXE, which was typed in after DOS booted. Microsoft surely must have enjoyed having millions of people type "win" every time they launched Windows. See Windows 3.0.

(2) All the Windows "how to's" in this encyclopedia contain a "Win" prefix.

(3) (WIN) (Wireless Intelligent Network) A control system for cellular phone networks. Also known as IS-41 and ANSI-41, WIN and EDGE were key elements in the UWC-136 initiative. See UWC Consortium.
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SUNSHINE STREET can't win because he's already proved he's unable to run as fast as some of the others.
Finally, investors shouldn't be giving up hope that Facebook can't win over a major contract.
You can't win the game after the game, which I've learnt early on in my career."
If I'm Scared We Can't Win will be published as a paperback original, priced at GBP7.99, on 28 July 2016.
You can't win best picture without a directing nomination: This was a popular myth for years, with 1927's "Wings" and 1932's "Grand Hotel" the only exceptions.
Talking about Qadri, he remarked that he can't win a single seat in the assembly in spite of gathering thousands of people in protest.
"But if we get to the play-offs there's no reason why we can't win promotion.
"Every top team, when you can't win a title, you should try to play well, try to win all the games, and we have the FA Cup semi-final.
Live tennis Eurosport, midnight IT'S six months until we probably get to see the Daily Mail's hand-wringing about why a British player can't win Wimbledon so it's good to see that even Australians are now getting in on the act, writes Graham Woods.
"Until I can't win it I will fight, right to the end," said Button.
Liverpool boss: We can't win title LIVERPOOL boss Roy Hodgson has warned his club will not win the title until they get new owners.
Manager Redknapp was confident his side would do so but said: "Listen, if we can't win, then we don't deserve to be in the competition.