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The closing of an opening or passage.
A form of intestinal obstruction in which the lumen is occupied by its normal contents or by foreign bodies.
Sealing of the breech of a gun to prevent escape of propellant gases in firing.
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the sealing of the barrel when firing a firearm in order to prevent the forward or backward escape of powder gases.

In guns that load by cartridge, obturation is achieved by the use of a brass cartridge case that expands when the gun is fired and ensures that the barrel is sealed on the breech side. In artillery guns that are loaded separately, obturation is achieved by using special devices in the breech called obturators. Escape of the gases in the direction of shell movement is prevented by the rotary bands of shells and casings of bullets; in mortars it is prevented by annular grooves on the cylindrical part of the shell.

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In this work, we opted for con- ventional gutta percha as it represents the reference material for canal obturation and it is the most used by the majority of practitioners.
Further research should concentrate to develop materials that allow reproducible creation of impermeable root canal obturations. For example, incorporation of DMSO into the sealers could be investigated.
Endodontic instrumentation and root canal obturation are important and necessary steps of root canal treatment with a purpose of removing infected tissue from the canal and to seal the canal from future bacterial contamination.1
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