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112-114) Positive stains can be cytoplasmic, membranous, canalicular, and/or cytoplasmic dotlike.
In our study, BPIFB1 was only detected in neural tissue of the very early fetuses and in the luminal pole of duct cells in two of the major salivary glands examined; these were in the canalicular and terminal bud morphodifferentiation stages.
In Group II, the number of bronchi and bronchioles and the lung reached the canalicular stage gradually increased (Figure 2D).
19) However, in one study, 71% revealed canalicular staining with pCEA and was found to be confirming the diagnosis of HCC over metastatic adenocarcinoma.
Tabla 1 Composicion de la muestra Caracteristicas Sociodemograficas Numero de Porcentaje casos de la muestra Edad 33--46 16 27 47--57 28 48 58--76 15 25 Escolaridad Primaria 6 10 Secundaria 27 46 Preparatoria/Tecnico 12 20 Licenciatura 14 24 Etapa Clinica I 13 23 II 21 37 III 17 30 IV 4 5 FINC (Etapificacion fuera del Instituto) 4 5 Diagnostico Histopatologico Canalicular 42 72 Mixto 9 15 Lobulillar 2 3 Otro 6 10 Estado Civil Casada 35 59 Soltera 5 9 Otro 19 32 Tabla 2 Medidas de tendencia central Tendencia central en Perfil de Sintomas Autonomicos y Escala de Ansiedad y Depresion Hospitalaria Media Desv.
For one patient, epiphora recurred in the 36th month; the patient was treated with canalicular irrigation with antibiotics daily for three days and then every other day for one week.
Hepatocytes then secrete the bilirubin mono- and diglucuronide into the canalicular space, where it dissolves in bile and ultimately passes out of the body with stools (4).
The hepatocyte polarization involves the formation of several restricted apical domains per cell, which together create the bile canalicular (BC) network, an essential component for bile secretion and overall liver function.
Kettler [3] has proposed that the absence of tubercles from the mucosa indicates a haematogenous or lymphogenic spread of infection, whereas tubercles mainly localized in the mucosa denote canalicular dissemination.
Effect of cyclosporine on colchicine secretion by a liver canalicular transporter studied in vivo.
paniculata can inhibit dense and alpha granules from platelet and dilate canalicular system.